CFP on ‘Occupy’ for Social Movement Studies special edition

This looks a little similar to our JCGS issue, which will be out soon, but definitely a great opportunity to go into more detail on the #occupy movements in general…

We are producing a special edition on the recent Occupy… movement. Our aim is to publish around a dozen short papers in a ‘virtual issue’, made freely available (open access) on our journal website; around half of these papers will also be printed in the hard copy of the journal. Given the timeliness of Occupy… events, we intend to collate this edition quickly, for publication in summer 2012 (volume 11 issue 3).

We are looking for short, punchy, concise pieces (of around 3,000 words) which explore why the Occupy… protests have emerged now, and – in the broadest sense – what this phenomenon means, for social protest, for the societies which experience them, and for the way we look at them. We are keen to receive alternative disciplinary perspectives on this emerging social movement (in other words, analyses which draw on or are centred in disciplinary perspectives beyond sociology), and are keen too to receive accounts from activist and participant perspectives. We are happy to receive pieces which focus on a specific Occupy… locations, which adopt a comparative perspective, or which aim to give a general overview. Pieces can also include images and photographs.

We are looking for two types of short article: reflections on the particular themes, contexts, or approaches of Occupy actions, or reflections on the broader implications and meaning of the events (Profiles); and ‘insider’ reflections, or interviews with those involved (Interventions). For further information about the journal, and for further information about Profiles, please see the journal website.

As we would like to publish quickly, anyone interested should submit a 250 word abstract to Dr Jenny Pickerill ( by 31st January 2012. If selected, your final paper will be required by 15th March 2012. Please bear this tight deadline in mind when considering whether you would like to be part of the collection. Papers will be peer reviewed (though this will take into account non-academic contributors).

Please forward this CFP to others, especially beyond academia, if you think they would be interested. If you have any queries, please contact Jenny Pickerill directly.

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