Occupyirtheory ISA2012 Lineup, & Poster! [UPDATED]

#occupyirtheory at #ISA2012

Just a reminder! Don’t forget to join us for the #occupyirtheory session at ISA 2012 in San Diego, Tuesday April 3 (Room 204 Hilton Bayfront Hotel). The event will feature a brief roundtable-style discussion followed by a ‘General Assembly’-style open forum to talk about what the IR and IPE communities want from Occupy Wall Street, and what Occupy can expect from us. Confirmed speakers at the roundtable event at this time include: Pablo K, Robbie Shilliam, Luke Ashworth, and Nicholas Kiersey. Wanda Vrasti will facilitate the GA and introduce the procedural format for those as yet unfamiliar with how it all works. Really looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, a very special thanks to Pablo K for putting together this absolutely brilliant poster for the event!

[Update: this event, and this blog, actually got a mention in the New York Times! See here].

Lexicon Pamphlet Series: Downloadable PDFs! | Outside the Circle


Some great free stuff here, from the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

Lexicon Pamphlet Series: Downloadable PDFs! | Outside the Circle.

Issue 5 Imperialism, Finance, #Occupy 2012 | Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies

Announcing the publication of Issue 5 of the Journal of Critical Globalization Studies featuring, amongst other things, a large Occupy IR forum on the Occupy Wall Street movement and its relevance for International Relations and International Political Economy. The forum contains short comment pieces from Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, Elizabeth Cobbett with Randall Germain, Ian Bruff, Elisabeth Chaves, Wanda Vrasti, Michael J. Shapiro, Nicole Sunday Hughes, Simon Tormey, David J. Bailey, Agnes Gagyi, Aida A. Hozic, Ivan Manokha with Mona Chalabi, Nicholas J. Kiersey, and Colin Wight. The issue also includes an extended contribution on the Occupy movement in Canada by Konstantin Kilibarda.

Issue 5 Imperialism, Finance, #Occupy 2012 | Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies.

Exercise caution with KONY 2012 | This Blog Harms

If like me you are scratching your head over this sudden surge in KONY postings all over the social media sphere, you could do worse than check out the mighty Robin Cameron’s compilation of useful posts weighing up the various sides to the issue. This meme harms! Do be sure to check out the KONY Drinking Game link, too!

Exercise caution with KONY 2012 | This Blog Harms.

The Definitive ‘Kony 2012′ Drinking Game | Wronging Rights.

When political philosophy goes viral…


Pretty mad example of how political memes can emerge…

For background, see also: http://takethecrosstown.com/2012/03/01/when-faculty-go-viral/

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